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Sussex Engage

Creative Psychotherapy & Clinical Supervision

Meet Lisa

Therapy is often about talking our problems through. Lisa's practice can offer, if helpful and right for you, more creative techniques inviting the chance to explore challenging feelings that may be holding you back in your life and relationships, in creative and dynamic ways. Lisa has experience of working in this way with any age from the age of eight.

What I Specialize In

Children, Young People

& Families

Addiction & Mood Disorders


“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” ― Joseph Campbell.

"You have this amazing natural ability to 'hold' the therapy and make me feel safe. You

are so gentle, yet you challenged me to work with my inner negative perceptions in a

concrete and productive way, thank you so much..."

"I was able to rehearse the positive and empowering changes in the safety of the sessions before outing them into practice in my life"

"At first I thought therapy would be too challenging for me, I could not believe how gentle the process was, it helped me to access therapy where I was able to work with images and metaphors to understand and work through my difficulties." 

"Therapy with Lisa has offered invaluable support to my daughter during a tumultuous time, she has had a supportive space to explore her feelings creatively and as a child - this therapy has been a lifeline. Thanks for everything, Lisa."

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