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Lisa started her training in an Arts Therapies degree in 1998 and completed six years training as a creative Psychotherapist specialising in childhood trauma and youth offending at Roehampton in London.

The training highlighted the autonomy of the individual in therapy to govern their own experience in order to recognise and shift barriers that restrict living more fully.

Lisa has worked as a creative psychotherapist and clinical lead specialising in addictions, eating and mood disorders working in a variety of settings from rehabilitation centres, schools, foster care teams, youth services, prisons and women's refuges.


Lisa is registered with the Health Professions Council and receives regular clinical supervision. Lisa has 20 years experience of working therapeutically with children and adults. Lisa completed a Masters in 2009 and is a senior psychotherapist, consulting therapist and will qualify as a Clinical Supervisor June 2022. Lisa completed Dyadic Developmental Practice training Level 1 and 2 that offers a framework for therapy and parenting developmentally traumatised children with the emphasis developing secure relationships to support trauma.

- Diploma in Clinical Supervision

   Child, Adolescent & Adult-Terapia


- DDP Level 2


- DDP Level 1


- Dramatherapy MA – Roehampton University 


- Arts Therapies BA (Hons) – University Derby


Image by Christin Hume
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