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Relational & Attachment Trauma

Therapy is often about talking our problems through. Lisa's practice can offer, if helpful and right for you, more creative techniques inviting the chance to explore challenging feelings that may be holding us back in our lives and relationships, in creative and dynamic ways. Lisa has experience of working in this way with any age from the age of five.

Children, Young People & Families

Lisa has worked as a therapist and Life Story consultant in fostering teams and schools for over six years using DDP principles (a framework for therapy and parenting developmentally traumatised children) and creative psychotherapy to support children, parents, guardians and carers with children’s emotional attachment and developmental trauma through relational-based psychotherapy

Addiction & Mood Disorders

Lisa has for many years managed therapeutic teams within addiction family services in West Sussex providing therapy for children and their families living with substance abuse. Lisa worked for many years as a Primary Counsellor and creative psychotherapist for individuals and groups in rehabilitation centers in London and Brighton supporting people experiencing mood and eating disorders and substance misuse.

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